Sunday, February 3, 2013

Web Based Training

Web based training course development can be easily delivered worldwide over the Internet or via corporate intranets.

The web based training that we create and deliver are of the highest possible quality and make use of the current technologies. This insures that our clients take benefits of Internet and intranet training delivery without sacrificing essential functionality.

We have experts and experience in understanding of the advantages and the potential pitfalls of web based training course development.

All of our web based training courses are created to make the maximum possible use of modern technology, which maximizes the speeds of delivery over restricted bandwidths. This means our courses can be created to incorporate audio, video, animation, high-quality imagery including 3D and highly interactive training scenarios, whatever the bandwidth available to the end user.

The web based training course that we develop records important information on how each trainee uses the course. This helps our clients constantly monitor the success of training content and delivery methods in meeting their objectives.

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