Monday, February 11, 2013

Learning Content Management System

Learning Content Management System (LCMS) is a fully integrated environment for authoring, managing, and publishing multiple contents such as online course-ware, instructor manuals, reference materials, as well as performances support products.

It enables content to be developed once, customizing to end-user needs, reassembled and adapted for different purposes and requirements through any channel to reduce time-to-market and improve the training experience. It also enables effortless contents re-usability across any output format.

With automatic multi-output publishing, an extensive library of publishing templates insures consistency in presentation, branding and look-and-feel across all output types.

It Outsourcing Company is optimized for:
  • Authoring, managing, and publishing online content and performances support products.
  • Developing and managing large libraries of content
  • Generating and customizing content based on different user requirements and specific needs
  • Producing multiple contents packages from a single authoring process
  • Managing information that requires to be updated frequently and disseminated across an organization regularly

It supports the full learning content development life-cycle, offering specialized tools and features for each user from design and development to review and publishing.

Top Features are:
  • Customized content developed based on variant user requirements and specific needs with optimal quality and speed to market
  • Creating training materials that is consistent
  • Improves speed to market and consistency of information distribution
  • Streamline contents development and management of information
  • Decrease development and maintenance cycles
  • Significantly improving authoring and publishing processes

Whether it's instructor-led training, self-paced online courses or performances support applications, it outsourcing simplifies online, print, and mobile delivery, ensuring the most efficient delivery form for corporate training as well as knowledge and information management when compared to managing XML in traditional content management systems.

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